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Last online over a month ago Not in the chatrooms Switzerland
Margot Du Bois

ttps://margot-du-boi ser_images/margot%20 du%20bois-1301055749 .jpg"> Ive been an online singer/songwriter&nb sp;for around 10 years, before that I considered myself to be a "singer in the bath". :-)    ;  I first encountered online collaboration through my ex and he,  via Steinbergs "Rocketnetwork" which came free with Cubase back in those days.. I was totally awestruck by the fact that I could make music with people worldwide who Id never met personally before. Since those days Ive written and sung countless,  finished songs and always have many others in various stages of completion. &nb sp;As you can see by the list I have dozens of collab partners, some of whom have become very close and dear friends in real life. Infact the first persons song I ever sung on "stevegtr3" ( Steve Pearce) became one of my dearest friends on and off line. Steve died January 2011..R.I.P. dear friend, the gap youve left cant be filled xxx..  I am very much an "INDIE" singer, painting my songs using MY colours and mixing them to the hues that suit my musical palette.  Im very happy to be uniquely and uncontrolla bly me.    ; I NEVER try to sound like anyone else when I sing, always prefering what comes naturally to me.    ;  I rarely if ever sing other peoples lyrics and my own are generally minimal.   I dont feel I need to write a book when I can say it in a sentence..:-)If you decide to listen to a song or two I hope you enjoy what you hear..:-)My songs are all open for free download and if youd like copies, please feel free to help yourself. Im so very thankful to everyone Ive collabed with for thier musical generosity in making thier music freely available to me, to the many whove written and created pieces especially for me and to those whove helped me along the way,  big Thanks to all of them..  So me of the people that I made music with in the past on and off line:- ..My dear, dear departed friends, the late Clint Warwick and Steve Pearce, Doozy and music1961 (Tony Pipe)...Those f riends were all met on the net and became very close, real life friends...Danny King... sheck... herman... lennie...Daze... bigmoon... bop... timmymacdd... Li... jack miller... mixmaster mark... tfolie... jako2k... zauberflute... Joemagic... kemox... gatchman... g. francis... psyspyder... universalfreedom... dealsaxgtr...  rob james... plat... 12T... brodo... robaire... abbeyroad... xiabram... naughtyhill... bombstar... wilhelm... vectorstation... ensoniq... tomben... mart... bigjohn... bop... hawkeyez... snowy... kjell... harry c... mikula... cppmusic... gub... dbm... (Those people were all members of the now defunct "Rocketnetwork", "The Rocketears"...... More recent people are,:- Teecee... ZIGGma... Steve Dinsmoor... Dirt Settlers... D Form... Lil Drizzy... Syngularity... Uncle fester... Violent... Tom KIng... Ratman... Yerrickl... Loren Risker... CBS Productions... Pete Consodine... Dace... Blue Tom... JDK... Sisters... Mick Wilson... Shedman... Beeswing... Jeff and Derek Southerland... Emocion... Khalil... Texas Jake... Talent A.D... Syntopia... Nigel Potter... WhereWolf... Rob Grant... Gary Carciello... Allen Warren... SaitKoray... Aimlessjazz... vvsdesign/Volker... TNuT... Frank Northcutt...Uberthra ll... Shan... Paul Tauterouff... Rob... Sotis69... Larry Omara... Michae l Duran... last, but always first... My wonderful partner in love, life AND music, JOEY/Joe Nickerson/RAPSTER/Ni cky Quick... Becaus e the list is long its possible I may have forgotten to mention someone here, so if I have please give me a nod and Ill fix can hear around 70 of my songs here.http://www.soun e_music.cfm?bandID=4 15975 ...

After The Fallout
By The Cream People
[Other / Psychedelic / Jazz Fusion]
Pugwash City Limits
By The Cream People
[Other / Psychedelic / Death Disco]
Metamorphinious-In search of God (single)
[Rock / Spacerock]
Gefaehrliche Planetengirls
By Electric Moon
[Other / Psychedelic / Spacerock]
By Sula Bassana
[Electronic / Experimental / World]

Sonic Seven Kiss
By Hawklords Official
Gefaehrliche Planetengirls
By Electric Moon
[Other / Psychedelic / Spacerock]
Superkraut I
By Krautzone
[Other / Krautrock / Psychedelic]
By Electric Moon
[Rock / Acid / Psychedelic]
By Sula Bassana
[Electronic / Drone / Psychedelic]
We are Shrak
By shrak
Mind Explosion... Live in Feldkirch
By Electric Moon
[Other / Psychedelic / Trance]
Empty Worlds
By SCat
[Rock / Symphonic Kozmikrock]
Superkraut II
By Krautzone
[Other / Krautrock / Krautrock]
Pretty Doll Dog
By shrak
[Rock / Heavy Metal]