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The Star DiariesRock / psychedelic / space rockCanada
SkyfishOther / psychedelic / rockUnited Kingdom
Silver TreesOther / Psychedelic rock / Experimental United Kingdom
Richard HinsleyEasy ListeningUnited Kingdom
SilverSpace OfficialOther / Psychedelic trance / Spirtualistic United Kingdom

FestivalOnboard the Craft 20145 Sep 2014
(2 days)
United Kingdom
FestivalON BOARD THE CRAFT5 Sep 2014
(2 days)
United Kingdom
FestivalFlutatious Onboard the Craft5 Sep 2014
(1 day)
United Kingdom
FestivalFlutatious The Mercian Gathering6 Sep 2014
(1 day)
United Kingdom
GigLost in the Woods 313 Sep 2014
(1 day)
United Kingdom
GigYe Olde Crowne4 Oct 2014
(1 day)
United Kingdom

Listenerjane the snailUnited Kingdom
ListenerShiatsu SteveUnited Kingdom
ListenerSafeBarryUnited Kingdom
ListenerJoe the PlungerUnited States
Listener01926leighUnited Kingdom


Kozmik Ken's 4th Psychedelic Dream

A Summer of Fun

Festivals 2014


Last online over a month ago Not in the chatrooms United Kingdom

Some history... Blim, Prog Space Jazz Punk Rock pioneers from Birmingham UK, were brought kicking and screaming into existence in 1991, and produced two superb and acclaimed albums in 1992 & 1993, before promptly vanishing from whence they came in 1994. For now...   Feat uring Dr. Andy Read on guitar, Neil Spragg (aka Sir Real) on drums, Tony Child (aka Surgeon) on unusual noises, and bassists BJ Gardiner and Robert Illesh, plus flutes (Nigel Pugh), saxes (Phil Cook) and allsorts, this "outstanding festival psychedelic space rock band" play a "powerful, almost completely instrumental form of psychedelic rock, with lots of jazz influences". Their music incorporates "Top notch musicianship", "Brilliant guitar work throughout", "Amazing psychedelic instrumental sounds" plus "Intense improvisations and laid back extraterrestrial sounds". Oh, and "Plenty of difficult time changes and all sorts of fiddly bits" as well. As regards their music, as they say, "You might think that this is quite strange". The Album BLIM - 'Zero / No Frills' : 150 minutes of outstanding Prog Space Jazz Punk Rock, lurching from lush psychedelia to complex, harsh, modern jazz.  Blim are delighted to be able to offer you these fully digitally remastered definitive editions of the two acclaimed Blim albums of the 1990s in one delicious double CD gatefold pack, together with never-before-heard bonus tracks, photos, lyrics and general havoc.   Feat uring Dr. Andy Read on guitar, Neil Spragg (aka Sir Real) on drums, Tony Child (aka Surgeon) on unusual noises, and bassists BJ Gardiner and Robert Illesh, plus flutes, saxes and allsorts, this two-and-a-half-hour romp through the Blimsphere lurches from lush psychedelia to complex, harsh, modern jazz, journeying through all the musical lands of the Prog Space Jazz Punk Rock universe. The Band Personnel   A ndy Read (Guitars, Vocals) Zero, No Frills. Andy has helped steer BLIM through all its various incarnations, and has also played in various projects, rock, jazz, classical and also electronica/ambient with Tony Child on Guitar Treatments’ (embryonic GTs can be found in the bonus tracks), and Sir Real (Read & Weep’).   Ben BJ’ Gardiner (Bass) Zero. BJ was first spotted playing Hawaii-Five-Oh in Birmingham Uni Big Band, before setting his fretless fly in BLIM. Since then BJ's bass has been resting.   Ne il Spragg (Drums, Vocals) Zero, No Frills. Neil has worked with many bands, including plasma rock pioneers Omnia Opera, experimental fusion trio Sand, and alt-country songsmiths Mocca. As Sir Real, he has dozens of releases on vinyl and CD, including work with Aussie electronic activist David Thrussell (Snog / Black Lung) amongst many others.   Phi l Cook (Saxophone , Vocals) Zero. Phil - not so classically trained as Nigel - Surreal Sax… R.I.P. Phil. You parped like no other. Plah.   Nigel Pugh (Flute, Keyboards) Zero. Nigel - far more classically trained than Phil - Flawless flute and klassy keyboards. Wherever Nigel is, we hope all is well.     Tony Child (Tapes, Wibbles, FX, Samples, Keyboards) Zero, No Frills. Tony, a.k.a. renowned DJ and electronic musician Surgeon, has a discography that extends from 1994 to the present day. With releases on Tresor and Soma, and his own labels Counterbalance and Dynamic Tension, amongst many others, he continues to stretch the boundaries of techno’ in his inimitable way…   Robert Illesh (Bass, Vocals, Mandolin, Keyboards) No Frills. Robert is an ambassador for prog with his original projects Aquaplanage and Golden. Credit highlights include working with Steve Howe, Alan White & Rick Wakeman (Yes), Glenn Cornick & Clive Bunker (Jethro Tull)   Also appearing: Ade Scholefield (Omnia Opera / Helices Fold) on synth & Kristian Hartridge (Moom) & Pete Moltesen on vocals.    ; What Others Have Said   So as to not parp on our own trumpet, let us allow others to speak for us; here are a few excerpts from reviews of the original 1990s albums:   "Ou tstanding festival psychedelic space rock band" "Two of the best albums I've heard from the entire festival scene" "One of the most exciting contemporary psychedelic bands" "Top notch musicianship" "Bril liant guitar work throughout" "The interplay between rhythm section and solo instruments is absolutely breath-taking at some points. These guys can play!" "Amazing psychedelic instrumental sounds" "Harsh, almost modern jazz" "Plenty of difficult time changes and all sorts of fiddly bits" "Superb" ... "with a jazz psych edge" "More progressive" ... "more complex level" "Intense improvisations and laid back extraterrestrial sounds" "Powerful, almost completely instrumental form of keyboards- and guitar-based psychedelic rock, with lots of jazz influences" "Psyche delic entertainment and elaborate musicianship" "One of the best tape releases of 1993" "Great space psych band" "Recommended to anybody; it's too good to be true."    Email :   Website : www.blimmusic ...

Sea of Light
By Richard Hinsley
[Easy Listening]
Walk in the Mist
By Richard Hinsley
[Easy Listening]
Les Deux Cypres
By Richard Hinsley
[Easy Listening]
Spring Awakening
By Richard Hinsley
[Easy Listening]
Above the Clouds
By Richard Hinsley
[Easy Listening]

Sonic Seven Kiss
By Hawklords Official
Crystal Morning Crytalisation mix
By Electric Moon
[Rock / Acid / Psychedelic]
Dark Days
By Sula Bassana
[Rock / Psychedelic / Spacerock]
We are Shrak
By shrak
Superkraut II
By Krautzone
[Other / Krautrock / Krautrock]
I'm On Fire
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Kleiner Knaller
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