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The Pocket GodsRock / psychedelic / United Kingdom
Bitten by the WolfBlues / United Kingdom
DeekLangoustineBlues / Deathcountry / Gothic Americana United Kingdom
liquidspacedruidsBlues / Symphonic Kozmikrock / Spacerock United Kingdom
Little Big MenElectronic / Dance / Rock United Kingdom
Fakir ThongsBlues / Stoner rock / Psychedelic Italy

GigThe Rum Runner Dr A Solo5 Sep 2015
(1 day)
United Kingdom
FestivalOnboard the Craft 201511 Sep 2015
(2 days)
United Kingdom
FestivalAlchemy Festival 201518 Sep 2015
(3 days)
United Kingdom
GigThe Square and Compass Dr A Solo18 Sep 2015
(1 day)
United Kingdom
GigThe Anchor Inn Dr A Solo19 Sep 2015
(1 day)
United Kingdom
GigThe Cross Keys Inn The Dog Jacksons26 Sep 2015
(1 day)
United Kingdom

ListenerFreeSpirit FestivalUnited Kingdom
ListenerHelen FaffhawkUnited Kingdom
ListenereasypeasyUnited Kingdom
ListenermoondogUnited Kingdom
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ListenercaolainUnited Kingdom


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Deferred Success

"The sound of a scrap between The Streets and The Clash, being broken up by Billy Bragg"- XFM London! "More like the sound of a scrap between The Pogues and The Levellers, being broken up by Billy Bragg"Tom Robinson - BBC 6 Music DEFERRED SUCESS (intenti onal spelling error!) are a 1,2,3,4 and sometimes 5-piece folk/punk/rock/anyth ing-goes band from the depths of Essex consisting of Paul Doozer’ Short, Chris Davison and Richard Benfield and some times others. Honest, infectious lyrics written by Doozer with exceptional accompaniment from Chris and Richard on bass, guitars and harmonica. DS has toured all over the UK/Ireland and Europe as well as support for THE KLAXONS, GET CAPE WEAR CAPE FLY, MILLION DEAD, BAD MANNERS, SCROOBIUS PIP, PAMA INTERNATIONAL & THE LEVELLERS.The band pride themselves on their ability and passion to play everywhere and anywhere; Glastoberry Festival, car parks, squats, campfires, festivals, back of vans, queues, the street, the list goes on. In a download world of media solitude, DS like to give music back to the people.DEFERRED SUCESS were featured artist’ on XFM, BBC 6 TOM ROBINSON’S INTRODUCING FRESH FROM THE NET’ and on BBC ESSEX INTRODUCING WITH MIKE & OLLIE’.The exclusive new DEFERRED SUCESS HOUSE PARTIES’ EP is out now on the SUNDOWN-MULTIMEDIA label and features x 5 hot, hot tracks; Ode to the Memory of TR, Power Cut, A130, 10 Seconds, Make a Living. You really have to see DS live to witness the rare, exciting atmosphere they create with their on-stage personas, talent and fantastic songs. Check out rredsucess to see their upcoming gigs and you can download their music for Itunes and CDbaby. ...

By John Pierpoint
Dream On (demo - no vox)
By John Pierpoint
Time To Change
By John Pierpoint
Muses Return (Call To A Reluctant Muse Bass Remix)
By Jah Buddha
[Electronic / Ambient / Berlin School]
Wild Woman
By Strange Smile

Sonic Seven Kiss
By Hawklords Official
[Rock / Space Rock / Psychedelia]
A Universe of Balance
By shrak
[Rock / Heavy Metal]
Pretty Doll Dog
By shrak
[Rock / Heavy Metal]
We are Shrak
By shrak
Johnny B. Bad
By shrak
[Rock / Heavy Metal]
Sleepin' with the Devil
By shrak
[Rock / Heavy Metal]
Life Cycle
By Smartpils
[Rock / Tribal / Punk]
What You See Is What You Are
By Here and Now
[Rock / Psychedelic / Space]
Lunar Pull
By Secret Saucer
[Rock / Space Rock / Space Rock]
Crystal Morning Crytalisation mix