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my analog tape recordBlues / / Germany
earlycatRock / Symphonic Kozmikrock / SpacerockAntarctica
The Cosmic ArcElectronic / Krautrock / Ambient Germany
Ted RobersonBlues / United States
Sumerian KyngsOtherUnited Kingdom
THE CARAWAY MOONRock / Alternative rock / Other Europe

FestivalDaytickets freedomforstonehenge16 Jan 2014
(122 days)
United Kingdom
GigSnooty Fox Wakefield25 Apr 2014
(1 day)
West Yorkshire
United Kingdom
GigHarrow Inn25 Apr 2014
(1 day)
United Kingdom
GigThe Rum Runner26 Apr 2014
(1 day)
United Kingdom
FestivalCosmic Puffin 72 May 2014
(3 days)
United Kingdom
GigYe Olde Crowne2 May 2014
(1 day)
United Kingdom

ListenermegalithicUnited Kingdom
ListenerEarth CallingUnited Kingdom
ListenerBarringtonUnited Kingdom
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Kozmik Ken's 4th Psychedelic Dream

A Summer of Fun

Festivals 2014


Last online over a month ago Not in the chatrooms Belgium
The Narcotic Daffodils

=> WATCH NOW:  "THE NARCOTIC DAFFODIL'S CD PROMO CLIP"  !!!!The Narcotic Daffodils Five Belgian artists in synergy take you deep into a colorful atmosphere. Their surprisingly different universes mixed together  give life to a definitely original and enchanting psychedelic rock. The Narcotic Daffodils were born in May 2009 when the singer Irene Csordas and her musicians met at a jam session at the Brussels Jazz Marathon. Soon, the five artists, culturally different and from various generations, compose their first song:  Riding the Drag.  Irene Csordas (Vocals and keyboards), singer of Hugarian origin, gives the first color. In addition to a womans touch, she gives the band ideas and compositions with original lyrics. Simon Rigot (Keyboards / Sitar) and Philippe De Clercq (Bass) bring their many experiences. The influences of Hakim Rahmouni (guitarist) originary from Morocco, ranging from hard rock to funk. Merlin Fourmois on the drums, supports a strong steady rhythm. Inspired by their fathers (Caribou, Radiohead, Muse, Gong, Portishead ), the Narcotic Daffodils combine sensitivity and groove in their experimentations. Recorded in Brussels and mixed by Paolo Negri, producer and organist of the Link Quartet, their first album was released in October 2010. Since its inception, the Belgian neo-psychedelic band have performed at multiple gigs throughout Belgium (Kinky Star Ghent Music Festival in Thuin, acoustic concert at the Magic Mirror in Brussels ). A year after its creation, The Narcotic Daffodils were selected to play for the contest  La nuit des Lumires   at    Place des Palais  in front of the Royal Palace from Belgium in Brussels. In December, The Narcotic Daffodils becomes the 12th winner of the contest Puredemo 2010 from  CourtCircuit&n bsp; on radio Pure FM. They have been playing in London(Camden) at  The Blues Kitchen  on the 25th of March and on the 26th of March at   The Prince Albert  (Brixton), were also on stage on the 4th of June at Castel San Giovanni (Provicia di Piacenza) for the Festival  Una notte di pinta  in Italy. Thet have been interviewed on Radio Pure FM in July. They have been selected for Zomerterras pop contest on the 22nd of July in Vlaardingen Rotterdam (Holland).The Narcotic Daffodils played also for the Yellowstock Festival on 14th of august, with RotoR , Hypnos 69 , Colour Haze . On the 15th of October, were back in Netherland for  The Rambler  Festival.  The CD  The Narcotic Daffodils  is released in May 2011 by Music Brussels the collective , distributed by Fakto Records(Europe -released on May 14th 2011 ) and its Oh! Music (Japan released on Sept 21st 2011 ). The Narcotic Daffodils is now working on their second album....

By my analog tape record
b. are back in town
By my analog tape record
station girl
By my analog tape record
ramones core
By my analog tape record
so in love with you
By my analog tape record

A Universe of Balance
By shrak
[Rock / Heavy Metal]
Sun King
By The Cosmic Arc
[Electronic / Krautrock / Ambient]
Pretty Doll Dog
By shrak
[Rock / Heavy Metal]
Mind Explosion... Live in Feldkirch
By Electric Moon
[Other / Psychedelic / Trance]
By Glowpeople
[Electronic / Psychedelic Jazz / Space Funk]
We are Shrak
By shrak
Surface of Last Scattering
By 3rd Ear Experience
[Rock / space rock / psychedelic rock]
Johnny B. Bad
By shrak
[Rock / Heavy Metal]
Sleepin' with the Devil
By shrak
[Rock / Heavy Metal]
Dark Days
By Sula Bassana
[Rock / Psychedelic / Spacerock]