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TJ PorterElectronic / Berlin School / Krautrock Turkey
CarrollCountryUnited States
Tom SpacerRock / Space Rock / United Kingdom
SmartpilsElectronic / Tribal / PunkUnited Kingdom
Manny LeighEasy ListeningUnited States
The Star DiariesRock / psychedelic / space rockCanada

GigYe Olde Crowne4 Oct 2014
(1 day)
United Kingdom
GigAwakenings All Dayer11 Oct 2014
(1 day)
Burton On Trent, STAFFS
United Kingdom
(1 day)
United Kingdom
GigProg Night Presents GLOWPEOPLE29 Oct 2014
(1 day)
United Kingdom
GigTHE CELLAR BAR - Cardigan1 Nov 2014
(1 day)
Mid Wales
United Kingdom
GigThe Rum Runner1 Nov 2014
(1 day)
United Kingdom

ListenerStemitallUnited Kingdom
Listenerjane the snailUnited Kingdom
ListenerSafeBarryUnited Kingdom
ListenerJoe the PlungerUnited States
Listener01926leighUnited Kingdom


Kozmik Ken's 4th Psychedelic Dream

A Summer of Fun

Festivals 2014


Last online over a month ago Not in the chatrooms United Kingdom
Spiral Scouts

About Spi ral Scouts Th ank you for stopping by...and very pleased to meet you, :) we are Spiral Scouts and in truth we have been to date probably better described as a collective of musicians rather than a band ......we are very proud of the fact, we have not played two concecutive gigs with the same line up........though that is likely to change this week, 2nd week in November 2010, as we have two gigs back to back and it looks as though the same line up is available(never happened!! new line up again, very please to add to the list of musicians to have gigged with Spiral Scouts..Andy Bache from top quality band Troubadour on lead, (as Andy Hall's gig ran over )........we'll see date in the dozen or so gigs and three rehearsals !! we have played. (we only formed to play one gig!!)......the line up has included........Geor ge Spittal (rythm Guitar/vocals), Saf Yarnold (rythm Guitar/vocals), Steph Powers (vocals), Andy Hall (lead guitar),Andy Bache (lead guitar) Simon Ledward (mandolin),Vince Macrae (bass), Ladders, Jon Brindley, and Heath Lavery (fiddle), Warren Mathews (sax), Jon Baugh, Simon Wittsy Witts, and a guy called Yistin who we met at AlchemyFest in the morning and he played a blinding set with us in the afternoon.(congas and various percussion)....check out the pics to put faces to names...The line up has settled down's been fun though!!! every set in every gig has sounded a little different as the only directions I (George) have given to these extremely talented musians who have agreed to play on these tunes, have been..... lets jam it and 'play what you feel.', it seems to me that , feeling being the essence of music, it should be ok!!'s been working ok for us so far...and long may that continue, though we are all getting to know the songs a little better now and that also has it's advantages!!!hope you enjoy the tunes :) x...

Electric Eden
By The Infinite Trip
[Rock / Psychedelic / Ethnic]
Matilda's Magic Garden
By The Infinite Trip
[Rock / Psychedelic / Garage]
Words to the Wind
By Carl Edlund Anderson
[Rock / Space Rock / Stoner Rock]
By Sula Bassana
[Electronic / Drone / Psychedelic]
Ice Field
By TJ Porter
[Electronic / Berlin School / Ambient]

Sonic Seven Kiss
By Hawklords Official
Superkraut I
By Krautzone
[Other / Krautrock / Psychedelic]
By Electric Moon
[Rock / Acid / Psychedelic]
Superkraut II
By Krautzone
[Other / Krautrock / Krautrock]
Lunar Pull
By Secret Saucer
[Rock / Space Rock / Space Rock]
Crystal Morning Crytalisation mix
Surface of Last Scattering
By 3rd Ear Experience
[Rock / space rock / psychedelic rock]
Peacock Black
By 3rd Ear Experience
[Rock / space rock / psychedelic rock]
Dark Days
By Sula Bassana
[Rock / Psychedelic / Spacerock]
Kleiner Knaller
By Electric Moon
[Other / Psychedelic / Acidrock]