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SoundAwesome - Newsletter - Feb 2011 - Grail Launch Party SoundAwesome! New Music for Everyone.

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Grail Launch Party

T'was December 19th, the week before Christmas, and the launch of
Tim Cosby's new music-slanted newspaper, The Grail.

Tim, of Spiral Navigators fame took over Penelopes, a music venue in
the heart of Sheffield for the launch, with a five set line-up for the evening.

The Spiral Navigators were scheduled to play (and we had a write-up in the paper, so we
just had to go), and we had a great night out. First up was Rowan Colver who delivered
a competent set of his own songs, much to the liking of the audience and obviously a
popular act on this stage. Conor Nutt followed with another acoustic set of original
material, and then the night changed flavour with Furball, a four-piece out-and-out
rock band; great riffs, great songs. Spirals were up next and they were on top form with
a great set. I've seen these guys a few times now, and they get better every time.
Sarah (ah, Sarah), sporting a new close-cropped hairstyle fronted the band, all of whom
gave a real performance. A great show. Last up, a band I'd not heard of, but which was
apparently popular before they split. For this event, they would, (sort of, they said)
re-form. The band is called Tarana and is fronted by the flamboyantly dressed
Rob Tarana. It turns out that several Spirals were part of the original Tarana line-up
and so while Eagle and Sarah left the stage, Andy, Tim and Ashley stayed on. Rob
arrived and treated the crowd to his inimitable vocals. In many parts, Rob uses his
voice as an instrument, rather than forming words (and no, this is nothing like Scat).

I'd kept off the ciders, of course, because I was driving back, but with mince pies and
mulled wine being bandied about it was hard to resist. Well,OK, just a sip then...

It was another silly o'clock on the morning when we got back, but it had been a great
night with some very friendly people and some great music.

The Grail is not available to purchase, by dint of being FREE! Seek it in
Sheffield or contact Tim by email:

Review by Snak.
Photographs reproduced courtesy of Snak.